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September 18, 2008

Operation Touring Car: Part 1

Time to go racing! Welcome to the first of many entries documenting our entry into the SCCA SPEED World Challenge Championship. As our busy summer season winds down, we’ve taken on the task of building a race car with the goal of competing in the Touring Car category of the SPEED World Challenge. Call it a stretch goal. We’re under no delusions as to how expensive and challenging this endeavor will be, but we have the car, the enthusiasm, and hopefully the stamina to see it through to a worthwhile conclusion.

According to the SPEED Challenge website, the purpose of the race series is “to provide teams, manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers a competitive production based race series in which to prove their products.” I would add that we’re taking up this project to prove the design, engineering and building capabilities of VRPerformance; for nothing shows off your strengths and weaknesses more quickly than delving head first into racing.

Regulations for the Touring Car (TC) class allow cars with engines up to 2.8 liters in displacement. Turbo or supercharged engines are permitted if they came that way from the factory. Cars can be front, rear or all wheel drive. They must have been able to seat at least 4 adults when in stock configuration. Convertibles are not allowed. Typical estimated horsepower range is 240 to 290.


Car models racing this season include several Mazda6s, BMW 325s, Acura TSXs and RSXs, Dodge SRT-4s, and even a single VW Jetta diesel. The most successful cars over the last few years have been Realtime Racing prepared Acura Integras and TSXs.




Check back soon to see what car we’ll be using…

September 03, 2008

How not to do it

Okay, I thought this was too funny not to pass along. We actually run into customers like this every now and again...

7 Worst Ways to Modify Your Car