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July 08, 2009


There is nothing like taking home a brand new car. No dust on the dashboard, no grass clippings on the floor mats, haze free windows, and that fresh, new car smell. Since I'm not in the market for a new car, the next best thing is to have someone thoroughly "detail" your car. Sure you can spend the weekend doing it yourself-- which I have done many, many times before-- but sometimes the amatuer simply doesn't have acces to the tools and materials required (or skills to use them) to do it perfectly. That's when you hire a professional company, such as AutoLavish.

Founded by one of our good customers (he of E36 M3 drifting fame), AutoLavish is a licensed and insured mobile detailing service for fine automobiles.

I wanted to get the the M3 into top condition before it was to be displayed at this year's EyesOn Design Automotive Exhibition. Despite thinking the car was in good shape to begin with, I could not believe the transformation that took place. I am convinced the M3's paint looks better now than when it left the factory. Inside and out, the guys at AutoLavish did a stellar job.

Here you see the car at VRPerformance. First thing they did was take off or tape up all the trim.

Armed with all sorts of tools, machines and chemicals, they go to work.

Talk about details, even the fuel filler cap and door is clean.

And the inside of the exhaust tips.

And the wheels, inside and out.

Take a look at how "wet" the paint finish looks... even inside the door opening.

For more info, check out AutoLavish on facebook or give them a call at 248.894.8071