June 08, 2011

Fabspeed Exhaust Installation on a Porsche

One of the most balanced, best handling cars on the market today is the mid-engined Porsche Cayman. But, like every car coming out of a factory, it can be improved. Thanks to worldwide noise regulations, the stock exhaust stifles the glorious flat six cylinder engine note just a bit too much. Enter Fabspeed.

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November 07, 2007

Rennsport Reunion 2007

What kind of vacation do performance shop owners go on? A motorsports vacation, of course. Daytona Beach International Speedway was host to the third Porsche Rennsport Reunion; and we were on hand to witness all the festivities. Three days of Porsche race car overload in the paddock of the famous speedway culminated in some spirited historic racing on the final day. Just to see so many monsters of racing lore like the Porsche 917, 964 and 962 close-up would have been satisfying enough, but to hear them fire up and wail down the the high banks of Daytona Speedway was truly fantastic.

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June 21, 2007

5th Gear GT3 RS Video, 'Nuff Said

When it comes to wrestling a car around a track, nobody seems to do it more effortlessly and competently than Tiff Needell of the British car show, Fifth Gear. In the video following the jump you'll ride along with him in a new 911 GT3 RS as well as a 911 Cup race car.

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June 19, 2007

Black Beauty

There is no real trick to mounting wheels and tires onto a car, but when the results are this cool we just had to share.

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