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Project Mazda6

We have a bit of catching up to do—many projects have gone through the overhead door of our workshop since we opened last year. This section of the VRBlog deals with the interesting projects we’re working on, have worked on or will work on.

To get things kicked off, I thought I’d start at the beginning with one of our first projects. This particular project also highlights the fact that any car can be improved with a few simple modifications.

Mazda 6 with Eibach Pro-kit 005a.jpg

The Mazda6 is a great sports sedan straight out of the box. With ample power, decent handling and aggressive good looks, this Mazda midsizer needs just a few tweaks to go from mild mannered to something special.

The first thing we did was open up the breathing by adding an Injen cold air intake. Injen produces some of the best turned out pieces on the market today and the CAI for the Mazda6 did not disappoint.


Now that more air is coming into the engine, we focused on the get it all back out. Again we went to our friends at Injen and purchased a great looking catback exhaust system. Not only do the new tailpipes look great, the car sounds so much better under hard acceleration.


The final thing we tackled was the suspension. We dumped the stock springs and replaced them with Eibachs all around. The ride and handling improved and so did the overall look of the car. Before and after pictures really show the amount of drop, which ended up being about 1.5 inches:

Mazda 6 with Eibach Pro-kit 002.jpg Mazda 6 with Eibach Pro-kit 006.jpg

Mazda 6 with Eibach Pro-kit 003.jpg Mazda 6 with Eibach Pro-kit 007.jpg

Between the opened up intake sound, throatier exhaust note and the aggressive new stance, the subtly tweaked Mazda now means business. Added horsepower through the entire rev range and increased mpg figures don't hurt either!


I have the same set up on my 2004 Mazda 6 but I have one problem what did you do about a catalytic converter?
Please have an answer, it's worth a six pack from me!

The exhaust was cat back, so the catalytic converter is still on the car.


Oh I forgot to tell ya I have a header also. Yeah the OEM manifold is very restrictive so I took another approach