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Motorstadt 2007

The Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiasts club along with their counterparts at Motor City Audi came together again and organized the 4th annual Motorstadt. Held in the shadow of the Volkswagen group hedaquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan it is an event for VW enthusiasts of all stripes. The cars on display included totally original classic air cooled VWs to ultra modern and highly tuned VWs and Audis.


There is a lot of press about import tuning, yet it seems most articles focus on the Japanese market. VW fans might be fewer in number, but their passion is equal to that of any Civic owner's. Same goes with the Audi guys-- BMW has been in the performance game a lot longer, but modern Audis are quickly becoming a favorite alternative to the Roundel. The breakthrough RS4 (shown below) is an absolutely amazing car and the equal of any M3 or even M5.


Check out the Motorstadt website for more info about past and future shows.

Here's Eric manning the booth at this year's event.