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Track Videos!

Speaking of balance (see [Balance entry]) when a driver has a well sorted out car, he can really push it on the track and feel comfortable taking it to its limits. And we have video to prove it after the jump.

The following in car videos come courtesy of a good customer of ours. David is a real track fiend and probably has several thousand track miles on his car by now. What started out as a stock 2001 BMW M3 is now a real track car, complete with roll bar and race tires. This M3 is one of the better sorted out cars out there, and it is because we paid very close attention to balanced upgrades. No one part of the car overpowers the rest, because pretty much every aspect of the original has been upgraded en masse to increase the overall performance.

Some of the modifications include:
Full TC Kline Racing double adjustable coil-over suspension
Upgraded supension bushings
Full SuperSprint exhaust from stepped headers to race muffler,
aFe cold air intake and ECU upgrade to make use of exhaust and intake
Brembo big brake kit at all four corners
Lightweight forged track wheels with r-compound tires
Custom roll bar

The first video here is from Putnum park July 2007. It was David's 5th trip to the track with the Bluegrass Chapter of the BMWCCA. Best lap time was a consistant 1:22. The temperature for the weekend was in the mid 90s.

The second video is from Barber Motorsport Park, Memorial weekend 2007. Best lap time was 1:48 with quite a bit of track school traffic.

The third video is from classic Virginia International Raceway. This was his first time at that track. Best lap time clocked in at 2:18

This next video is from David's second time at Road Atlanta. Best track time 1:44

Here we have a lap around MidOhio, one of our favorite "local" tracks (local compared to Atlanta and Barber). Best lap time here for David so far, 1:44

The final video we have for you in this entry is from historic Watkins Glen, one of my favorite tracks. Here David is chasing down another customer of ours (red E46 M3). Best lap for his first time at the track, 2:24

What you see in these videos is a highly modified, yet well balanced car with a skilled driver at the wheel. David knows his car well and becuase of the balanced approach we took to upgrading the performance of the M3, he feels comfortable to push it to its limits.