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EVO, EVO, STi: Part 2 EVO X Sway Bar

Part 1 of EVO, EVO, STi went through a brake rebuild on an EVO 8. In this installment we go over a sway bar installation on an all new EVO X.


The customer already installed new springs and rear sway bar, leaving "just" the front sway bar for us. The front sway bar is a bit of a trick, and installation is not recomended for the shade tree home mechanic. Just check out our last EVO sway bar installation here.

The installation of this bar was not quite as bad since there is more space between the firewall and engine. Nonetheless, it required disconnecting the front sub frame and slowly lowering the engine to make room.


Here you can see the OEM bar, disconnected and ready to be wrangled out:


A comparison of the OEM bar (black one) and the one from Cobb. (Note the Cobb bar is hollow.)


While not too terribly complicated, the job does take the better part of a day with the proper equipment. Without a lift it's pretty near impossible.

While we had the EVO X at the shop, we did a quick weight check and here are the results:


3541 lbs with a half tank of gas, not exactly lightweight. But the cross car balance is very good at 49.4%.