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Breathe In, Breathe out (Si part 2)

One of the earliest entries in this blog describes the installation of an Injen brand cold air intake and exhaust system on a Mazda6. We described the quality of the kits coming from Injen then, and let me just say, two years later, that their products continue to impress. Case in point, we just installed the same type of Injen components on a new Civic Si sedan and were again happy with the outstanding quality and fitment.

You'll recognize the Civic from an earlier installment titled, Don't Take Our Word for It This time around we swapped out the stock airbox with an Injen short ram intake and the stock muffler with an Injen axle back unit. The added performance may be slight on the road, but at the track-- where engines sing in high RPM notes-- the better breathing will be noticeable.

Breathe In
Here we have the new Injen short ram cold air intake installed, a perfect fit:


Breathe Out
A quick comparison of the mufflers:

Installed. Note the quality of finish and the perfect welds:

Tip: One thing we always do when installing an aftermarket exhaust is
1) use anti-seize compound on nuts and bolts to help prevent corrosion and make it easier to unbolt sections if ever needed


2) use specialized joint compound between the section to help seal the joints and


3) wipe everything down with an evaporative cleaner that leaves no residue (in this case brake cleaner) so that the oils used in manufacture will not ruin the finish of all the new shiny bits.


The owner has some more plans for this car, so stay tuned!